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TorontoNew Premier Ernie Eves refusal to accept a court ruling thats clear that the province does not have the legal authority to sell Hydro One, is a good indication that the Harris days of arrogant, undemocratic government are not over. By appealing the court decision, Eves has told the people of Ontario the wishes of Bay Street, not the needs of main street, are the priority for his government, says the Ontario Electricity Coalition, a non-partisan province-wide group that supports public power.

The reality is that Ontario citizens realize that selling off our public power and deregulating electricity will leave them in the dark, paying high rates.

The lack of transparency and consultation on this issue by the Conservatives, have created a climate of distrust. Most Ontarians feel their interests are being forfeited in favour of those on Bay St. Its simple, Ontarians want all electricity privatization cancelled until they can decide on the fate of public power. They certainly dont want their tax dollars going into fighting a court appeal that they dont support, says Paul Kahnert with the coalition.

Over the past few months, the OEC has conducted over 50 public forums in cities and towns across the province.

We know Ontarians dont support the sell-off of electricity. Ontarians are telling us they want to decide the fate of our public power. Already municipalities (including Toronto, Ottawa, Peterborough, Windsor, Niagara and Kingston) that represent more than 5 million people have passed resolutions calling on the government to cancel both the sale of Hydro One and the deregulation of electricity.

Pushing for the sale of Hydro One at all costs, and forging ahead with electricity competition on May 1 will cost Ontarians in higher rates and unreliable service. But it will cost Eves, his cabinet ministers and the Conservative backbenchers dearly at the polls in the next provincial election, says Kahnert.


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