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The October 14 election will shape the state of public services and  indeed our country for years to come.

Harper’s Conservatives lead the polls and are within striking distance of a majority government.  The Liberals appear to be in disarray and most Canadians do not consider them a viable governing option.

In Harper’s 31 months in power he has given us a taste of what he and his party would do with a majority:

  • Cancelling former government’s national child care initiative.
  • Cancelling Canada’s commitment to the Kelowna Accord.
  • A vote against the UN Declaration on Indigenous People.
  • Cancelling Canada’s commitment to the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Making consideration of P3s mandatory to get federal infrastructure money.
  • No progress on a national pharmacare program.
  • Ignoring violations of the Canada Health Act, inviting two-tier and profit into health care.
  • Corporate tax cuts
  • Cuts to funding for women’s advocacy groups and cultural/arts groups.

In this election campaign our union will speak up for public services.

We also commit our union to supporting the NDP and their leader Jack Layton.

As members of the Canadian Labour Congress, we are proud founding partners of the NDP.

The more New Democrat MPs we send to Parliament, the better off our country will be.

In Québec, CUPE members will work through the leadership of the Québec Federation of Labour and their political action campaigns.

Federal election rules limit what we can do in terms of political donations, but our real strength has always been our voice and our numbers.

Talk up the election at work and with your families.  Get active to support your local NDP candidate.

Thank you in advance for your efforts.

In solidarity,

PAUL MOIST                                   
National President                               

National Secretary-Treasurer