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If the General Agreement on Trade in Services covered education and post-secondary education is first on the WTOs list this is what could be in store:

For-profit diplomas
Foreign, for-profit education institutions would have the right to set up in Canada. The GATS guarantees investment rights to foreign corporations, including private schools and universities.

Public funds hijacked for private gain
Government spending on education, including student loans, could not discriminate between public and private education providers.

Loss of local control
Foreign corporations couldnt be required to hire locally or have local participation on boards of governors. No residency requirements or preferences for faculty, staff or students would be allowed.

Less Canadian content
Corporations would be free to bring in educational professionals and other workers to staff institutions in Canada, host foreign students and deliver courses across borders through the internet.

Corporate standards
The WTO would review requirements for education professionals and institutions to ensure they were not more burdensome than necessary to achieve the quality of the service.

Quality threatened
According to a recent report, governments would have to give degree-granting authority to foreign educational service providers and to ensure that non-governmental bodies exercising delegated governmental authority (such as teachers colleges or professional associations) recognize degrees and diplomas granted by foreign educational service providers, including for-profit foreign providers.