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Forteen students and workers have been charged in connection with a peaceful sit-in at the University of Toronto over rising tuition fees and they need our help.

The “Fight Fees 14” have been charged with extremely serious offences, including forcible confinement. The university administration is also contemplating expelling 12 students.

The “Freeze Fees 14” have been released, but with strict bail conditions. They cannot associate with each other outside of court or classrooms. Several students, staff and alumni have been banned from U of T property. For some, it also means they cannot earn a living.

Meanwhile, the campus community - including many members of CUPE is subjected to a campaign of intimidation by the U of T’s administration and police.

The university itself is publicly lobbying to deregulate tuition fees.

Conveniently, the Freeze Fees 14’s bail conditions also prevent them from protesting anywhere on campus.

The U of T Fight Fees 14 have asked CUPE for help fighting the disciplinary proceedings and criminal charges.

The group has set up an online petition asking the Ontario government to drop criminal charges and university sanctions.