Minimum wage food service workers at North Bay’s Nipissing and Canadore College, members of CUPE 1165 Unit 7, voted overwhelmingly in favour of a strike after seeing no movement on the issue of wage parity, says CUPE.
“The contractor, Compass, pays food service workers at both Laurentian University and Trent University more for the same work,” said Trevor Russell, President of CUPE 1165. “That just doesn’t make sense to me and the rest of the members who’ve been working hard to deliver this critical service on campus. The fact is that Compass has the money to pay us equally and we deserve it.”
Out of 41 bargaining unit members, 32 took part in the vote, with 96.9% voting in favour. The union makes it clear that this does not necessarily mean there will be a strike.

“This incredible result is a sign that the members know just how important wage parity is and are ready to stand by this demand,” said Russell. “It’s not just the right thing to do given that the cost of living isn’t any different for us as it is for workers at Laurentian and Trent. Equalizing pay is also an important way to retain experienced staff, and the members know that.”
“This strike vote sends a message to Compass and the University administration that we are united and that we’re unwavering in our call for wage parity,” said Russell.

The next bargaining date is on February 2, 2023.