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The only non-repetitive day on the calendar is the fourth International Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Awareness Day. Each year thousands of CUPE members fall victim to repetitive strain injuries. Too often, getting appropriate diagnosis, treatment, compensation and accommodation is difficult and places an unjust burden on injured workers.

Repetitive strain injuries are caused by frequent and repetitive body motions, vibration, awkward or static postures, excessive work pace, cold temperatures or inadequate recovery time.

Usually arising as aches and pains, these injuries can become crippling disorders.

The best way to deal with repetitive strain injuries is to make sure they don’t happen. Work routine, and work spaces need to be designed to take into account the physical limits of a workers’ body. Tasks should be rotated. Workers need adequate breaks. Work stations need to accommodate proper posture and body positioning.

For more information, visit http://cupe.ca/issues/healthandsafety/showitem.asp?id=8649