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CUPE members elected to CLC executive

A number of CUPE members were elected to the Executive Board of the Canadian Labour Congress at its convention in Toronto this week.

They were:

• Marie Clarke Walker, re-elected as CLC Executive Vice-President
• Paul Moist, Vice President
• Lucie Levasseur, Affirmative Action Vice-President
• Toni Karner, CUPE 4207, Youth Vice-President
• Lynn Taylor, HEU CUPE 6010, Diversity Vice-President for Workers with Disabilities
• Victor Elkins, HEU CUPE 6010, re-elected as Diversity Vice-President for LGBT
• Joanne Webb, CUPE 4800, Alternate for Diversity Vice-President for Aboriginal Workers
• Ali Mallah, CUPE 79, alternate for Diversity Vice-President for Workers of Colour

Poll:  Canada wants public services

A new CUPE-sponsored poll shows a majority of Canadians trust municipal government more than corporations to deliver public services.

A majority of Canadians said they trust their municipal government more for all nine public services:  sewage treatment (75.8%), drinking water treatment and delivery (75.5%), community and social services (75.1%), maintenance and upkeep of parks (69.4%), public transit (68.6%), road maintenance (64.7%), garbage and recycling services (64.6%), recreation facilities such as rinks and swimming pools (64.5%), and electricity generation and distribution (60.6%).
“These results confirm that what CUPE has been fighting for all along is what Canadians want,” says Paul Moist, CUPE National President.

June 4 is Clean Air Day

CUPE’s National Environment Committee wants to hear from locals and members about what they are doing on Clean Air Day to improve the quality of the air we breathe and to fight climate change.

Some actions you can take at work:

• Walk, run, bike, roller blade or take public transit to work
• Take the CUPE eco-audit
• Turn off and unplug unnecessary appliances
• Shut down air conditioners
• Cut back on waste
• Take the train - don’t fly.

Send your news to mfirth@cupe.ca.

CUPE endorses First Nations plan

Paul Moist endorsed the Assembly of First Nations Seven Point Plan for Change at the CLC convention in Toronto this week.

The conditions in which we have forced the First Nations people of this country to live are a national shame,” said Moist in supporting Fontaine’s call for action.

The AFN demands include:  replace the Indian Act with local-decision making, fair funding for core programs; close the gap in the quality of life; revenue sharing from resource development; meet treaty and other legal obligations.

CUPE collects labour media awards

CUPE efforts have won acclaim at this year’s Canadian Association of Labour Media conference.

• Best audio-visual production for membership education and information:
National Women’s Task Force
• Best overall publication by staff:  Organize Magazine
• Excellence in writing by staff:  The Guardian, (HEU)
• Best Flyer or Brochure:  Healthy Clean and Green
• Dennis McGann Stroke of Genius Award:  Federal Budget 2007: a bag of tricks

The awards are presented every year and judged by experts in the field.

CUPE Ontario re-elects Sid Ryan, promises to defend right to strike

CUPE Ontario convention delegates supported the call for a massive labour disruption if the Ontario government moves to make public services essential this week.

The delegates also elected a new executive, including incumbent President Sid Ryan, and Secretary-Treasurer Fred Hahn

Alberta’s Bill 1 unconstitutional, Steven Shrybman says

Top trade lawyer Steven Shrybman says Alberta’s TILMA implementation law, Bill 1, is unconstitutional.

CUPE commissioned Shrybman - a lawyer with Sack, Goldblatt, and Mitchell – to analyze the bill.  Shrybman’s opinion warns that by imposing financial and other sanctions on the otherwise lawful acts of public bodies, Bill 1 contravenes basic constitutional norms, including the rule of law and democracy.

Environmental regulations could be deemed to restrict business.  Rules banning junk food in schools restrict business.  Minimum wage laws restrict business.  Almost any law, regulation, or action that a government might come up with could be spun as restricting business,” Shrybman argues.

For more information see http://cupe.ca/TILMA

CUPE Québec launches anti-P3 campaign

CUPE Québec has launched a major public campaign to “deflate” public-private partnerships and the myths around them.

The four week campaign uses radio, newspaper ads, billboards and a website - www.nonauxppp.com - to get the message to the public.

P3s look pretty and we’re told it’s a winning formula, but they’re a trap,” said Marc Tremblay, president of the CUPE Québec municipal sector council.

The campaign uses information gleaned from P3 disasters in Canada and around the world as cautionary tales for Québecers.

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