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Toronto—Today, the Ernie Eves government announced a plan for hydro “intended to bribe us with our own money. Instead of admitting that they have a failed electricity policy and that market competition and privatization of public power are ruinous and should be scrapped, the Tories aim to subsidize high rates while paying power producers hefty profits with money that belongs to Ontarians.

“Since the provincial government doesn’t print money, how will Eves be paying for this shortsighted, quick fix solution? Is he raising taxes, selling a public asset, gutting more social programs or increasing debt? Unless Eves lives up to his campaign promise to ’listen to Ontarians’ and heeds our demands to re-regulate rates, this Tory program will permanently cripple the Ontario economy,” says John Wilson with the Ontario Electricity Coalition (OEC).

The OEC has consistently warned the Eves government that the sell-off of public power would mean soaring rates, brownouts and unreliable supply.

“At public forums held across the province last spring, Ontarian told us they want an end to electricity deregulation and privatization and solid long-term hydro policies delivered under a fully public system. What they don’t want is hush money aimed at buying time and votes for Eves’ government until the next election,” says OEC member Paul Kahnert.

Last week Eves blamed his government’s own regulator, the Ontario Energy Board, and Ontario’s municipal utilities for electricity problems. Attempting to fix the problems by giving customer rebates and tinkering with price caps won’t work, say Kahnert and Wilson. And they warn that, “continuing with electricity deregulation will devastate our industries, businesses, public services and those on fixed incomes. The worst is yet to come, as the cost of everything from coffee, food, laundry, heating, air-conditioning, public transit and hockey rink ice moves higher and higher.”

Punishing prices and blackouts drove the California government to close its electricity market.

“We are calling on the government to make the right choice and close its electricity market and stop selling off our electricity system before Ontario’s lights go out,” says Wilson.


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Paul Kahnert, Ontario Electricity Coalition, (416) 407-0077

John Wilson, Ontario Electricity Coalition, (416) 466-6426