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Sisters and brothers,

This has been quite an election campaign, full of twists and turns. For the first time in many years, theres a real race, and the outcome is up in the air.

Every vote counts, perhaps more than ever before.

This is why we are urging you to make sure you vote on Monday, June 28th. And when you vote, we urge you to vote for the party and the platform you support not against the party you dont want.

We have all seen what happens when we vote for a party that doesnt represent our interests just to stop a party we fear more. We get governments that abuse our vote and take us for granted.

But this election there is a positive choice. There are good candidates across the country who have a real commitment to public services and to rebuilding strong communities; candidates who are tackling the issues that concern us most including health care and homelessness, equality rights and EI, a new deal for cities and child care, a clean environment and peace.

For more detail on where the parties stand, visit our Voters Guide at election.cupe.ca

Clearly, our struggle will not end on June 28th. No matter the outcome of the election, well have lots of work to do to defend workers rights and strengthen public services.

But lets do what we can on Monday to ensure we can count on the active support of as many MPs as possible who are personally committed to rebuilding strong communities.

On June 28th, lets vote for public services.

Paul Moist
National President

Claude Gnreux
National Secretary-Treasurer

P.S. Note that the voting hours vary from province to province but in every part of the country section 132 of the Elections Act requires that workers have three consecutive hours within which to vote. At the employers discretion this can be either at the beginning or at the end of the shift.