Did you ever have to pay for your prescription drugs out of pocket due to inadequate drug coverage or no coverage at all? Or did a family member ever avoid taking a prescribed medicine due to its cost? 

A recent study found almost 1 million Canadians had cut their household spending on food and heat to be able to pay for medication. And nearly 3 million Canadians don’t fill their prescriptions because they can’t afford to. 

On September 13 at 7 PM ET, take action with our webinar Pharma profits or health justice? Mobilizing for universal pharmacare.

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Big Pharma is operating at both local and global level against people who need access to prescription medication and lifesaving vaccines. Meanwhile, CUPE members from the health care sector are working day and night to ensure everyone has access to the essential treatments they need. We must push our government to put the public interest at the heart of prescription drug research, development, production, and access. 

Are you a CUPE member? Are you a health care worker? Are you a social justice activist? You are all welcome to learn more about how large pharmaceutical and insurance corporations are pushing for a patchwork system that guarantees their profits rather than an equitable and accessible public service. 

Join our webinar to learn from experts on this issue: 

  • Frédéric Brisson, CUPE Regional Vice-President, Quebec, on what workers need from pharmacare and the shortcomings of the hybrid model in Quebec. 

  • Elizabeth Kwan, Senior Researcher at the Canadian Labour Congress, on the importance of the current political moment and why big pharmaceutical and insurance companies are rooting for a hybrid system. 

  • Colleen Fuller, researcher, writer and activist with a focus on health and pharmaceutical policy, on the role Canada could play in health justice here and abroad through public research, development and production of lifesaving medicines and vaccines. 

  • Aditya Rao, Senior Research Officer at CUPE will moderate the discussion. 

  • Special guest Don Davies, NDP Critic for Health, MP for Vancouver Kingsway. 

The NDP and Liberals have formed a confidence and supply agreement that includes pharmacare legislation by the end of 2023, an essential medicines list and bulk drug buying in 2025. We must ensure this results in a public, universal, single-payer prescription drug program that covers everyone.   

Every year, too many people end up in hospital because they couldn’t afford their medication,” insists CUPE National President Mark Hancock. “Sometimes prescription drugs are out of reach – even for those with benefits coverage. Bringing drug and vaccine research, development and production back into the public sector can save money. And more importantly, it saves lives. That’s why creating a national pharmacare program that will cover everyone is so critical.” 

As union activists and social justice advocates, we must mobilize for health justice! It is a webinar not to be missed.  

Date: September 13, 2022 

Time: 7 PM ET 

Take action: Start by sending a message to your MP in support of a universal national pharmacare program.

ASK US YOUR QUESTIONS: We’d love to integrate what’s on your mind into the webinar. 

This webinar is endorsed by the Canadian Health Coalition, Council of Canadians, and Canadian Doctors for Medicare.