On May 1, workers around the world honour and draw inspiration from the activism and collective power that won the struggle for an eight‑hour workday. CUPE recognizes International Workers’ Day, or May Day, in solidarity with millions of workers worldwide who are resisting exploitation. 

Workers in Canada are part of the global movement fighting for the right to organize and join a union. We’re also united in our struggle for safety at work and in our communities, a living wage with benefits and a pension, and for quality public services for everyone. Our collective demands for decent work, safety, dignity, and respect are urgent. 

Workers know there are serious gaps and inequities in our country, and within and between rich and poor countries. When governments cut, privatize or neglect public services, working class people are hardest hit.  

Our global economy is being shaken by the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In these times, strong public services are more important than ever, and the value of front-line workers is crystal-clear.  

Corrupt and authoritarian governments used the pandemic as a smokescreen to crack down on workers and other people organizing for human rights. We stand in solidarity with movements around the world courageously resisting repression. 

International solidarity connects our struggles for labour rights, economic justice, racial justice, migrant justice, and climate justice. May Day reminds us there is power in our unity across borders. There’s power in worker-to-worker connections, and we will keep building and strengthening these links in the year ahead. 

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