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WHEREAS CUPE-HEU has been under major attack by the Liberal government under the Campbell government in British Columbia which has enacted legislation that allows the wholesale contracting out of health care by stripping successorship rights and employment security from union members; and

WHEREAS a resolution was passed unanimously at the 2002 CLC Convention that condemned these actions of the government and the multinationals, and called on the CLC and its affiliates to work together to oppose sweetheart voluntary recognition agreements with these corporate privatizers; and

WHEREAS the IWA-Canada has signed, with no worker input or ratification, voluntary recognition partnership agreements with Compass Group (UK), Sodexho (France) and Aramark (US), which slash wages and virtually eliminate benefits; and

WHEREAS CUPE-HEU members and others are forced to sign IWA-Canada cards during employment interviews with the contractors if they want to get hired; and

WHEREAS a CLC Umpire has found the IWA-Canada guilty of violating the CLC Constitution by not respecting the established work relationships of CUPE-HEU in health in B.C.; and

WHEREAS the IWA-Canada repeatedly broke promises to stop this unethical behaviour and continues to violate the Constitution; and

WHEREAS CUPE-HEU has applications for certification, with membership support, filed at the LRB for many of the affected sites; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this Convention demand that the Canadian Labour Congress Executive Committee to direct the IWA-Canada to withdraw from all certification applications and partnership agreements; and to cease and desist from this action in the future; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that in the event that the IWA-Canada does not immediately comply with this direction, that the CLC Executive Committee be called upon to immediately impose full sanctions available to them under Article IV Section 15 of the CLC Constitution; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that in the absence of these actions, this Convention authorize the National Executive Board to take action up to and including withholding CLC per capita until the situation is resolved to the satisfaction of the National Executive Board; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that CUPE continue to organize support in the broader labour movement for a labour movement-wide strategy to stop privatization which includes supporting our efforts to continue to represent members after services have been contracted out; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that CUPE National regularly update all CUPE locals, divisions and councils regarding the status of our complaints at the CLC and actions being taken to address them.