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The facts:

  • CUPE workers of colour and Aboriginal members tend to be concentrated in lower paying occupations with poorer working conditions. Our workplaces should not be segregated this way!
  • Discriminatory hiring practices are one of the ways workers of colour and Aboriginal workers are shut out of better paying unionized workplaces.
  • This kind of systemic racism is worldwide and its impact in our Canadian workplaces is very real and devastating.
  • As privatization and restructuring lead the assault on better-paying public sector jobs, workers of colour and Aboriginal workers are particularly vulnerable because last-hired, first-fired policies erode their gains.
  • While the populations of our communities change and become more diverse, the face of our workforce is not keeping pace with these changes.

Challenging racism in our workplaces means:

  • Reaching out to all CUPE members, welcoming everyones participation and ensuring that all union activities reflect the diversity of our membership.
  • Putting anti-racism on the bargaining agenda and negotiating clear and specific contract language for racism-free workplaces.
  • Educating our members, co-workers and communities by exploding the myths that sustain racism.
  • Organizing workers of colour and Aboriginal workers because unionized workers have better wages and working conditions.
  • Building links with community groups fighting for equality.
  • Strengthening our union solidarity. When one of us cannot be exploited, none of us can.