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TORONTO In an open letter to Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty, the Ontario Electricity Coalition (OEC) charges that Liberal Party electricity policy was written to please private power producers.

According to OEC spokesperson, Paul Kahnert, Liberal Party policy would encourage an expansion of private power production, causing electricity prices to soar when the rate freeze ends in 2006.

The letter charges that Liberal Party policy would fail to fix the damage caused by the Conservatives and would maintain the flow of hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of private power producers at the expense of the people of Ontario.

In a direct challenge to the Liberal Leader, the OEC letter states, Mr. McGuinty, you have publicly assured private power producers that you would set Ontarios electricity rates high enough to attract new private power production. Are you really prepared to sacrifice the well-being of Ontarios economy, and the well-being of its citizens, in order to keep your promises to private power producers?

The letter also predicts that Liberal Party policy would leave Ontario vulnerable to further blackouts and would fail to protect the environment with effective conservation legislation.

OEC spokesperson Paul Kahnert left no doubt about Mr. McGuintys responsibilities if elected Premier. We are heading for an electricity crisis far worse than anything yet seen in Ontario a crisis that is entirely avoidable. If the Liberals form the next government and fail to completely scrap privatization and deregulation, the crisis will be entirely Mr. McGuintys responsibility.

Attachment: OEC Open letter to Dalton McGuinty available in Adobe Acrobat format.

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