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Earth Day Poster Winners 2009

The CUPE 2009 Earth Day Poster colouring contest winners are:

  • Gary, 10 years old, from Saskatchewan
  • Hannah, 14, from Saskatchewan
  • Kaleb, 7, from British Columbia
  • Isabella, 12 from B.C.
  • Anthony, 10, from B.C.
  • Vanessa, 11, from Ontario
  • Alycia, 6, from Quebec
  • Abdul, 9, from Alberta

Each year, hundreds of children from Canada submit their artwork to the contest. The posters depict care for the earth, concern for environmental sustainability, along with hope and compassion for a cleaner, healthier planet.

Through the eyes of children we can learn a lot about the environmental crisis we are now in. Hannah from Saskatchewan, for example, points to simple actions and solutions we can all take in a very creative way: by posting green ideas on a clothesline to symbolize a greener way of doing things. Gary’s poster also depicts many bright environmental solutions.

Kaleb from B.C., urges kids to skateboard to school, which would cut greenhouse gas emissions from driving. Isabella’s stunning artwork shows how life on earth is interwoven and interdependent. Anthony cuts to the chase and tells us all to: “Stop Polluting!” Abdul has a similar message: “Don’t waste this Earth!”

Alycia from Quebec drew a hopeful picture for a clean environment. Vanessa’s intricate drawing points to rain barrels, recycling, walking and riding a bike to school, solar power and growing residential gardens as ways to cut our energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What is clear in all the posters is that Canadian children care about the earth and want to grow up in a country that does too.

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the kids who submit their posters. Your artwork and ideas inspire CUPE to take action on climate change and all environmental issues.