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Winners of the 2010 CUPE Earth Day poster colouring contest depict and deliver strong environmental messages.

Many of the posters focus on actions people can take to improve the environment. For example, eleven-year-old Avery from Manitoba urges “Turn Your Tap Off!” to converse water. One of ten-year-old Leah’s messages is that students should walk or bike to school to cut air pollution and greenhouse gases that cause climate change. Six-year-old Georgia from Ontario also recommends biking over driving.

Eden from Alberta says we can reduce waste by composting and recycling. Peyton from British Columbia and Julie from Saskatchewan also drew pictures that show ways to cut back on waste going to landfills.

Thirteen-year-old Ashleen from British Columbia uses poetic messages in her colourful Earth Day poster.

Nolan from Alberta has a crystal clear message: keep the earth beautifully blue and green by walking, recycling and composting.

These are all great ideas and not just for kids. All CUPE members and Canadians should take up these actions.

Each year CUPE’s National Environment Committee runs the colouring contest, attracting hundreds of submissions of posters, while forging strong links with schools and communities to promote a positive environmental message.

The 2010 winners are:

  • Avery, 11 years old, from Manitoba
  • Leah, 10 years old, from Manitoba
  • Georgia, 6 years old, from Ontario
  • Eden, 9 years old, from Alberta
  • Julie, 8 years old, from Saskatchewan
  • Peyton, 6 years old, from British Columbia
  • Nolan, 8 years old, from Alberta
  • Ashleen, 13 years old, from British Columbia