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November 23, 2000, North Vancouver -Cindy McQueen, President of CUPE Local 389, the union representing unionized employees in the District of North Vancouver, is questioning District Councils decision to spend money on yet another public survey when results of a Spring 1999 survey make public priorities and levels of satisfaction quite clear.

The Mayor and Council should focus on delivering and even improving the quality of services highlighted by district residents in past surveys. They need to get on with managing the district instead of launching yet another survey that puts this councils agenda of user fees and privatization front and centre, said McQueen.

The latest survey proposed by the District of North Vancouver is the third since 1998. In preceding surveys district residents have indicated that policing, environmental protection, parks, fire services and libraries are priority areas that residents are prepared to support through modest tax increases. In addition, in the last survey 88% of respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with the level of services provided by the district1 and 80% of respondents rated acceptable or better the value of district services relative to taxes paid.1

Surely previous surveys plus the fact that council is elected to manage are enough for this council to go on, said McQueen. These surveys are beginning to feel like the referendum approach to government and district residents did not approve such an approach.

CUPE workers are concerned that the agenda of this council is to push for increases in user pay and the private provision approach to public services in the district.

McQueen said, District residents will be ill-served by increases in the private provision of services. We know from experience and weve seen in examples from other cities and countries that increased privatization of public services results in nothing but higher cost and lower standards. Walkerton, Ontario is just one such example.


Cindy McQueen, President, CUPE Local 389
(604) 987-1231

  1. Figures pulled from a Report to Council on March 9, 2000 by Jeanine Bratina, Communications and Community Relations Officer, District of North Vancouver.