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Help tackle the fastest-growing health care cost – demand your say in the federal government’s drug patent review.

A significant recommendation of the Romanow Commission’s report on the future of health care was a review of the federal drug patent legislation. After hearing from thousands of Canadians, Romanow realized an urgent need to address issues such as skyrocketing drug prices and obstacles that prevent cheaper generic drugs from getting onto the market more quickly.

Progressive organizations have fought long and hard for a review of patent legislation. The very fact that Romanow suggested this review is evidence of a recognition that the current patent legislation has contributed greatly to an inefficient and ineffective prescription drug regime in Canada.

If it had not been for a coordinated effort by the Canadian Health Coalition and health activists across the country, the review of the drug patent legislation by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry would have shelved the review.

Now the committee is holding three days of hearings in June - but without public input. The only groups the committee members will hear from are government officials and the pharmaceuitical industry.

Because the Canadian public is not allowed to appear at the hearings, and given the fact that abuse of patent protection is a major obstacle to sustainable Medicare, it is essential that M.P.s on the Committee hear directly from citizens.

Send a message to the Industry committee demanding to have your say on skyrocketing drug pricing!

Whos on our side?

See how the M.P.s voted on the review:

Voted Against Review

1) Andre Bachand (PC)

2) Paul Crete (Bloc)

3) Brian Fitzpatrick (Alliance)

4) Cheryl Gallant (Alliance)

5) Jocelyne Girard-Bujold (Bloc)

6) Marlene Jennings (Lib) alt. for Gilbert Normand [does not support]

7) James Rajotte (Alliance)

8) Lynn Myers (Lib) alt.for Paddy Torsney[does not support]

Voted to Hold Review

1) Dan McTeague (Lib)

2) Brian Masse (NDP)

3) Larry Bagnell (Lib)

4) Serge Marcil (Lib)

5) Andy Savoy (Lib)

6) Brent St. Denis (Lib)

7) Janko Peric (Lib) alt. for Joe Volpe [supports review]

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