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CUPE’s 10th National Health and Safety Conference takes place in St. John’s Newfoundland from Oct. 23 to 26, 2008.  

This conference will offer dynamic national and international speakers at the heart of the conference with new daily plenary sessions in which CUPE members will be supercharged with fresh ideas, information and actions.

Some speakers will also run workshops.

Facilitators will use new educational techniques to draw on members’ expertise, blending it with the speakers’ passion and experience.

We will also make sure that the issue of equity and health and safety runs through the conference.

As a participant you will attend two half-day workshops chosen from a list of four topics.

You will attend the morning plenary sessions on Friday, October 24, and Saturday, October 25.

Information from the morning plenary sessions will be used to enhance the afternoon workshops.

Like past health and safety conferences, there will be opening and closing plenary sessions that all attend.


Registration cost $195 per participant. Assistance is available from the Convention/Events Assistance Fund.


Discounts are available by booking with W.E. Travel.  You must quote the 10th National Health and Safety Conference Promotion Code 6QVJVBA1 to receive the discount on Air Canada Tango Plus flights to St. John’s, Newfoundland.  

Please call the following toll free numbers for bookings:

W.E. Travel – CUPE Ottawa    1-800-434-5087
W.E. Travel – Ottawa Downtown    1-888-676-7747
W.E. Travel – Vancouver Office    1-800-663-4703

1. Privatization and Health and Safety

Privatization has affected occupational health and safety:

  • privatization of enforcement and inspectors
  • growth of private H&S consultants
  • widespread privatization of public services

This workshop will look at how contracting-out, deregulation and privatization have affected our health and safety and search for effective strategies to fight back.

2. State of CUPE Members’ Health

With this being the 10th National Health and Safety Conference, we can look back and see that we have come a long way as health and safety activists.

This session will:

  • examine the state of CUPE members’ health,
  • analyse the barriers to becoming fully healthy and safe,
  • help devise strategies to improve our health.

3. Current Threats – Harassment, Bullying, Violence, Pandemic Influenza and Asbestos

This session will look at current issues in health and safety:

  • workplace harassment
  • bullying
  • violence
  • pandemic influenza
  • asbestos

This workshop will share knowledge, lead to better understanding of these issues, and create a roadmap to prevent these hazards.

4. Ramping Up Health and Safety Activism – International Health and Safety Perspectives

Tap into the broader international scene to reinvigorate our strategies, commitment and activism on health and safety.

Conference Deadlines

National Convention/Events Assistance Fund: June 30, 2008 Conference registration: September 19, 2008 Child care registration: September 19, 2008 Persons with disabilities registration: September 19, 2008