An ambulance travels so fast it is a blurCUPE is proud to welcome the paramedics from Oneida Nation of the Thames into Canada’s largest union. These newest CUPE members were looking for a strong union with a proven track record on important issues for paramedics.

“We are thrilled to have the Oneida paramedics join CUPE’s paramedics,” said Jason Fraser, chair of the CUPE Ambulance Committee of Ontario. “With the Ford government upending so many important services in the province, a lot of workers are looking for a strong unified voice to advocate for protecting good jobs and strong public services. CUPE can deliver that.”

Representatives from CUPE and paramedics from Oneida Nation of the Thames gathered in London to discuss strategy and to welcome the new members into the union. “Now that the unionization drive is over, it’s time to get to work,” said Fraser. “We’re here to listen and understand the issues that these workers are facing and make a plan for how we can help.”

Through the CUPE Ambulance Committee of Ontario, CUPE represents 5,500 paramedics in 22 municipalities throughout the province. The paramedics from Oneida of the Thames are expected to become a subunit of CUPE Local 35 which represents municipal workers in the City of St. Thomas.