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Tip from GVLRA chair during CBC radio interview prompts demand for full redress

VICTORIACUPE 410 has filed a grievance in response to an on-air challenge, during a radio interview yesterday, by the chair of the Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association (GVLRA) regarding the union’s campaign for pay equity for library workers.

GVLRA Chair Ted Daly, appearing with CUPE 410 president Ed Seedhouse yesterday morning on CBC Radio’s “On the Island” program, suggested that the union file a grievance to resolve the job evaluation/pay equity plan.

“The way to resolve that is file a grievance with respect to the memorandum and let it be dealt with in the normal course of events,” Daly told host Gregor Craigie, adding that raising the issue during collective bargaining “is not the way to do it.”

The union has responded with a grievance claiming that the employer violated the letter of understanding “when it failed to compare Library positions to equivalent positions at the City for job evaluation and pay equity purposes.” It calls for “all affected employees (to) receive full redress, including wages and benefits retroactive to April 1, 1993.”

As well as the grievance, the union is also filing a complaint with the BC Human Rights Tribunal claiming that the employer has discriminated, and continues to discriminate, against workers at the Library on the basis of sex because the Library Board has failed to provide equal pay for work of equal value for female-dominated positions at the library.

During the interview, Mr. Daly also mentioned that we already have an ‘independent third party’ for these negotiations, mediator Grant McArthur, and suggested that the union get in touch with Mr. McArthur and ask him to get back involved,” said Seedhouse.

The union followed Mr. Daly’s suggestion and contacted Mr. McArthur. Mr. McArthur confirmed this morning that he contacted the GVLRA but they are still unwilling to modify their position that ‘pay equity has already been dealt with’ and therefore there is no point in bringing the parties together to mediate the dispute.”

“I just wish they would get their story straight”, added Seedhouse.

Listen to the full CBC interview with Ed Seedhouse and Ted Daly


Contact:  Ed Seedhouse: CUPE  410 president: (250) 588-9565
  Tammy Simonds: CUPE representative: (250) 812-7197
  Dan Gawthrop, CUPE Communications: (604) 999-6132