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I am writing to commend the Canadian Federation of Students and express our support for your national Day of Action Feb. 6th. Once again, the Canadian Federation of Students is leading in the fight to improve public post-secondary education. The Canadian Union of Public Employees strongly supports your demand for a freeze and reduction in tuition fees.

We know that high tuition fees discourage low-income students from seeking post-secondary education. The debt load that is accumulated is a formidable burden to ask any person to accept. And recent moves toward private universities and deregulating tuition fees will only worsen the situation.

Education is indeed a right. As citizens and public service union members, CUPE strives to be on the front line with our partners in the struggle for accessibility, equity, quality, and public accountability in public post-secondary education.

Best wishes for a successful national day of action February 6th.

Yours in Solidarity,


National President