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Tens of thousands of CUPE’s school board workers have not crossed teachers’ picket lines, forcing almost all of the provinces’ school boards to close their schools. The North York and Peel Boards are the latest to declare that they will close their schools.

Congratulations to our CUPE members employed by school boards for what they have achieved. Never before in Canadian history have thousands of members of one union gone to such lengths to help other unions.

It is not easy to do what our school board workers have done. It takes great courage to refuse to cross the lines. These CUPE members are putting their wages on the line. They deserve special recognition.

Other sectors are encouraged to visit the lines.

We need CUPE members from other sectors - municipal, social services, health care, universities - to help bolster the teachers’ picket lines. We would like members to bring CUPE picket signs or banners to the lines so that teachers’ unions are aware CUPE members are helping them. The Ontario Federation of Labour hot-line phone number for information about the teachers’ strike is: 416-441-0411