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Full text of the resolution is as follows: 

Emergency Resolution 1 – Child Care Campaign

CUPE Saskatchewan will:

  1. Pressure the provincial government to take a strong stand against the cancellation of the child care agreements.
  2. Actively support provincial child care advocacy organizations to protect the child care agreements.
  3. Forcefully lobby federal government MPs in Saskatchewan and the party leaders to pressure them not to cancel the child care agreements.
  4. Vigorously take part in the major campaign spearheaded by the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada for a not-for-profit national child care program that begins with honouring the federal-provincial agreements and significant federal funding in the 2006 federal budget.


  1. All the provinces signed agreements with the federal government to secure funding for enhancing a provincial child care program.
  2. The newly elected federal Conservative government has publicly stated that it will cancel these agreements by March 31, 2007.
  3. Prime Minister Harper will introduce a taxable allowance of $1,200 per year to families for each child under age 6 which will not address the urgent need for increased funding to child care.
  4. Provincial governments need the funding to make essential improvements to their child care systems.
  5. CUPE members and their families will be negatively impacted by reduced child care spaces and facilities in need of improvements.

Submitted by the CUPE Saskatchewan Executive

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