Despite significant financial strains caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, National Secretary Treasurer Charles Fleury assured CUPE BC convention delegates that CUPE remains in a strong position to keep supporting the work of the province’s locals.

“I want all of you to know that CUPE still has the resources needed to back the important fights you take on. Fortunately, CUPE was in good financial shape going into this pandemic,” said Fleury in his address to the virtual convention.

Thousands of CUPE members across Canada have experienced layoffs during the pandemic, that has meant millions in lost revenues. Fleury said an extensive budget review and consultations were undertaken to cover the shortfall.

“Because of this effort, I am extremely proud to say we will maintain almost all services and programs in the coming year. We are also able to keep all our staff across the country,” said Fleury. “We are keeping the National Defense Fund spending mostly at similar levels. This means we will have funding for our divisions, cost-share campaigns and District Councils and many other supports National provides.”

Fleury told delegates that he will be keeping a close eye on CUPE’s financial health as the union continues to weather the pandemic.

“As your National Secretary-Treasurer, it is my responsibility to make sure CUPE National has the resources to offer the services our members count on,” said Fleury. “With CUPE’s solid financial foundation, I am positive: we will be able to face the challenges ahead.”