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Our members on the provinicial social services council (Conseil provincial des affaires sociales - CPAS) launched  a TV advertising campaign on Monday, February 18. The campaign will run across Quebec for four weeks.

The ad will appear during a number of programs on the major networks (eg: Unité 9, Tout le monde en parle, 19-2, La Voix, Commission Charbonneau, Salut Bonjour, Enquête, etc.). This is a new phase in the major care-facilitator campaign that was set in motion last year.

  • See the TV ad on YouTube (French only)


In the health and social services sector, many CPAS members work behind the scenes. Performing tasks essential to the proper functioning of the Quebec health system, these workers contribute to the quality of care. They include orderlies, housekeeping, medical records technicians, and more.

The CPAS campaign aims to bring these unsung heroes, working alongside medical teams, out of the shadows. To do so, CPAS adopted a new designation of care-facilitator for all these people who are essential to the functioning of the system.

The term care-facilitator refers to employees of the institutions within the health and social services system, other than medical and nursing staff. The French equivalent, périsoignant, was coined by CPAS from the Greek prefix “peri” (around) and the French verb “soigner” (to provide care).

Care-facilitators assume a variety of tasks related to health care. They work in patient care, the preparation of medicines, physical rehabilitation, reception, housekeeping, laundry, kitchens, administration, and the various professions associated with a health or social services facility: plumbers, carpenters, stationary engineers, etc.

Most of these care-facilitators are women, as are about 70 percent of the 20,000 CPAS members.