Last week, a meeting of the CUPE Quebec General Council was held, which provided an opportunity to prepare for the organization’s 33rd convention to take place next May. The event will take on a rather special meaning this time, as this year will mark the 60th anniversary of CUPE in Quebec.

At the meeting, executives, Patrick Gloutney, president, and Frédéric Brisson, General Secretary, announced their intention to seek a new mandate. They also requested the support of the General Council. Those in attendance gave them their unanimous support.

“It’s an honour for me to know that the General Council is supportive of our re-election. This mandate, which started during a pandemic, was not easy. Members did not have an opportunity to see us as much as they usually do. Now that I have their confidence, I have every intention of going back out on the road, seeing our people, and discussing the issues affecting them,” says Patrick Gloutney.

Meanwhile, Frédéric Brisson stresses the importance of continuing the work started in collaboration with members of the Office and the General Council. Since the CUPE State of the Union Summit, we’ve put together many projects to reinvigorate CUPE in Quebec. We want to take advantage of the next few months to lay the groundwork for several of them. These projects will subsequently be presented to the members at the convention, and we’re anxious to implement them with their support.”