Mark Hancock Charles FleuryFollowing a surprise election victory for Donald Trump and the Republican party south of the border, CUPE is pledging support and solidarity with our labour and progressive civil society allies, as they face uncertain times.

“CUPE will be reaching out to our sister unions and allies in civil society to offer our support and solidarity, as they fight for social justice and progress on behalf of working people and all Americans,” said CUPE National President Mark Hancock, following the Republican party’s US election victory.

“The voice of labour and progressive groups in the United States will be a necessary beacon of hope for working people in America, as they struggle to achieve social justice in this new political climate,” said CUPE National Secretary-Treasurer Charles Fleury. “CUPE will be there to amplify that voice for progress.”

“We cannot allow the politics of fear and division to prevail and undo what progress was made for working people under President Obama,” added Hancock. “History has shown that when voters lose hope, they sometimes turn to the right, and it is clear that many Americans felt disenfranchised and left behind in US society. But working together with our allies, CUPE can make sure that voices that promote progress and defend public services for all Americans, will be heard loud and clear – that will be more important now than ever.”