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Today’s election call provides CUPE members and all Canadians with an opportunity to vote for positive change and for public services, especially public health care.

An Environics poll released yesterday found that just 28 per cent of Canadians thought the Liberals were best suited to tackle health care issues, down from 32 per cent in the spring of 2004. Canadians’ view health care as the most important issue in this election, the poll showed.

We’re in this situation now because the Liberals weren’t serious about tackling privatization of our public system, and the New Democratic Party exposed the weakness of their proposals.

The poll also found that most Canadians (70 per cent) expect another minority Parliament. By voting positive, we can produce a more balanced Parliament that works for us, our families and friends and our communities.

This time, we can vote for a government that listens, then governs. We can vote for a Parliament that works for our communities. More NDP MPs means a balanced Parliament - one that works for people. We’ll have more say in our real priorities, like health care, housing, curbing poverty, and protecting the environment.

During this election, CUPE will tell people that we can vote positive to keep health care public so everyone gets quality care. We can vote for public, not-for-profit child care because our kids deserve the best. And we can vote so education and our local services like water are kept in public hands.

Keep your eye on cupe.ca/election for regular news and analysis that you can use in your workplace and your community to encourage your friends, colleagues and neighbours to vote positive and vote public. Call your local to join local riding campaigns.