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CUPE Declaration on Municipal Services

CUPE Municipal workers attending the February 2011 National Municipal Sector Meeting in Toronto endorse the following declaration of principles and ideals for quality municipal services for all:

Public municipal services are the foundation of our cities and towns and are our great equalizers.  Vibrant, healthy communities rely on the delivery of efficient, affordable, accountable and responsive services that provide quality of life for all of us and in some cases lift families out of poverty.  CUPE members work hard to promote and support this culture of quality every day.

CUPE municipal workers deliver the local services families count on everyday – supporting the libraries, pools, rinks and child care facilities where children learn and play, picking up and recycling waste, clearing snow, and making sure our water is safe to drink to name just few.  We are focused on ensuring that public services make our communities stronger – for everyone.

As Canada’s community union, CUPE is aware that public services and jobs are threatened by underfunding, privatization and national and international trade agreements.  Providing important public services on a for-profit basis undermines a democratic, sustainable and equitable society, and puts the quality of life in our communities at risk.

Municipal workers are essential to building healthy, safe and sustainable communities.  CUPE municipal workers affirm our support for quality, affordable public services for all Canadians.  Our goal is to ensure social justice, sustainable development, a better quality of life, gender equality and equity among all citizens.

Municipal workers affirm that:

  • We will continue the fight against all forms of privatization, funding cuts and cuts to services to ensure that public services remain in public hands – for all of us.
  • Long term public investment in municipal services and infrastructure plays a crucial role in creating good jobs and a more stable economic recovery and growth.
  • Sustainable communities are only possible when public services and programs such as water and wastewater operations, garbage and recycling services, public transit and electricity are accessible and affordable for everyone.
  • Climate change, environmental degradation and growing inequality are contributing to the deterioration of our cities and communities.  These challenges can only be met through investment in public sector jobs in an emerging green economy.
  • The protection of our right to free collective bargaining and the right to strike with our commitment to bargaining without concessions supports and enhances a better quality of life in our communities.
  • Working with our labour, community and environmental allies helps to build and strengthen the relationship between public service users and providers for strong, healthy communities.