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Three hundred people protested Parliament’s second reading of Bill C-484, “The Unborn Victims of Crime Act” in Ottawa, May 3. CUPE has signed the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) open statement opposing Bill C-484. Individuals can also participate.

The private members bill put forward by Conservative Edmonton MP Ken Epp creates a separate offence for killing a foetus when a pregnant woman is murdered. It will give an unborn foetus some human rights in these cases, which is of great concern to the pro-choice movement.

The proposed law is not concerned with the roots of violence against women and will only take way women’s rights. Similar laws have been passed in the U.S. resulting in dozens of women being punished for trying to “harm their child”. Protestors gathered in Toronto, Edmonton and Ottawa to make sure this doesn’t happen in Canada. There will be actions in Fredericton and St. John’s.

The Government should look to pass laws that increase the sentencing upon those who commit violent acts against women, instead of passing laws just for foetuses that give women no ounce of protection and infringe on their rights.