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CUPE has launched a campaign, “Hey, Premiers!” to ask Canadians to write letters to their premier about one of the issues that’s important to them.

Canada’s premiers will be meeting next week in Vancouver for their annual meeting, the Council of the Federation that takes place July 20 – 22 in Vancouver.  The decisions they make and the issues they choose to focus on will affect our families and our communities.

CUPE National President Paul Moist wrote to the premiers encouraging them to invest in things that make a difference for all Canadians. Moist urged the premiers to support enhancements to the Canada Pension Plan and Guaranteed Income Supplement Plan; look at other ways to address economic issues; help develop a strategy to fund infrastructure in Canadian towns and cities; support public procurement; properly fund health care; and to stop the Canadian Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

Unfortunately, the federal government is handing almost all its chips to business, betting on it to boost economic growth,” says Moist. “Instead they need to make public investments that will create jobs and really get the economy moving.”

Moist wished the premiers well in their deliberations. “Together we can build the Canada we all want – with strong public services, a robust economy that creates good jobs and greater economic equality, and a health care system and pensions Canadian families can count on,” wrote Moist.

According to a Council of the Federation press release, the Federation was created to “promote interprovincial territorial cooperation and closer ties between members, foster meaningful relations between governments based on respect for the Constitution and recognition of the diversity within the federation, and show leadership on issues important to all Canadians.”