A cheerful mature female librarian stands in her library and smiles for the camera.  She holds a stack of books as she laughs.

October 21 is the national day for celebrating Canadian library workers! Today we shine a spotlight on what library workers do, and all that they bring to our libraries and communities. We appreciate the hard work of the 22,000 CUPE members who work in municipal, school, post-secondary and government libraries in every province of the country.

Great libraries are not only about the great books and resources they hold. They’re also about great public services and the people who deliver them with skill, commitment and compassion. 

Libraries regularly adapt to meet the changing needs of the communities they serve.  They’ve reinvented themselves as community hubs and digital centres.  It’s library workers who are at the centre of these changes. 

Library workers make library spaces inclusive and welcoming for everyone.  They foster human connections and create community.  They share information and advice.  They teach computers skills, they program events, and they provide a helping hand to those who are marginalized and vulnerable.  Library workers can change a person’s outlook on the world, and can help make that world better.

We must keep libraries well-funded so they can continue to grow and innovate.  We must keep our libraries well-staffed because it’s workers who have the expertise to identify community needs and respond to them quickly and creatively.

The strength of our libraries come from library workers.  They are at the heart of all that libraries do.  This Canadian Library Workers’ Day, take a moment to thank a library worker who has made a positive difference in your life.