The union representing health care aides at Crowsnest Pass Senior Housing is sounding the alarm about staffing cutbacks that jeopardize the safety, care, and comfort of residents at the home.

CUPE 812 was recently informed that the home would be scaling back staffing hours, from 134 hours per day down to 120 hours per day.

“The health care aides who look after our seniors are already being run off their feet with overwhelming workloads. The last thing they need is to have their hours cut back even more,” said CUPE Alberta President Rory Gill.

“That’s 14 fewer hours every day to provide essential care, assist with bathing, dressing and meal time, and so much more. Anyone who works in this home or has a parent or a grandparent in a care home right now knows that our seniors need more hands-on care, not less.”

The union says the cutbacks will have immediate impacts on the ability of staff to fulfill the basic standards of care like helping residents with bathing. It will also have a profoundly negative impact on scheduling and retention at the facility, where overwhelming workloads have already made it difficult to hire and retain staff.

CUPE is calling on Crowsnest Pass Senior Housing to reconsider these cuts to hours, and look instead to increase staffing levels to improve care outcomes for residents.