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SASKATOON – Judy Darcy, head of Canada’s largest union, says Saskatchewan premier Lorne Calvert has a key role to play in defending public health care.

There is a demolition derby underway in this country – led by several right wing premiers, cheered on by multinational health care corporations waiting in the wings,” says Judy Darcy, National President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees. “The fact is the wrecking ball is already swinging back and forth tearing down health care and other public services, and leaving a wide swath of destruction in its wake.”

In the face of this threat, I can’t emphasize strongly enough how critical it is that the premier of Saskatchewan continue to take a strong stand against this right wing agenda,” says Darcy.

Speaking to more than 250 delegates meeting in Saskatoon for the CUPE Saskatchewan convention, Darcy applauded the leadership role that premier Calvert played at the recent Premiers conference, blunting the drive by Alberta premier Ralph Klein to open up more of our health care system to for-profit services.

We are looking to premier Calvert to take a stand against privatization in all its forms and lead the fight to defend public health care for all Canadians for generations to come,” says Darcy.

The CUPE leader also warned that what we’re seeing today in British Columbia and Alberta could be repeated here if ever the Saskatchewan Party were to come to power.

The Gordon Campbell government has no mandate to destroy public health care yet this week their plan to slash 28,000 health care jobs was exposed,” says Darcy. “It’s a staggering attack on women working in our health care system and a blatant cash grab aimed at diverting precious health care dollars into fat corporate profits.

We’re determined to fight this with whatever it takes, for as long as it takes,” says Darcy. “We won’t let Gordon Campbell get away with it in BC and we’ll do everything we can to prevent Elwin Hermanson from getting his hands on our health system here.”


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