Canada’s food banks work hard to get food to people who need it even in the best of times. And the COVID-19 pandemic is definitely not the best of times. Canada is seeing its worst economic crisis in generations. More than a million people lost their jobs in March alone, affecting 40% of households in the country.

Food banks are on the front line, helping to ensure people in their communities get the food they need. That’s why CUPE’s National Executive Board has approved a $250,000 donation to Food Banks Canada.

As the pandemic continues, and the economy worsens, it is expected the need will continue to grow. Donations from organizations of all sizes, from CUPE National to the smallest CUPE local, can make a huge difference.

If you or your CUPE local would like help, find a food bank in your area on the Food Banks Canada website.

If you need help to get food for yourself, or know someone else who does, find a food bank in your area here.