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CUPE members attended and organized events on National Aboriginal Day, June 21, including:


Métis Days National Aboriginal Day celebration in Selkirk, Manitoba.

With the support of local President, Rose Streick, Local 1550, supported a National Aboriginal Day celebration on June 19th. Fresh bannock, which is Aboriginal traditional bread was enjoyed by all. Brother Wayne Meeches, provided a display of Aboriginal artifacts and medicines. Braids of sweet grass were given through the offering of tobacco. All CUPE members who entered into a draw prize were winners, thanks for the local’s support and prize donations from CUPE Manitoba and the Manitoba Métis Federation Métis Investment Inc.

The Forks in Winnipeg one of the most revered sites for Aboriginal groups hosted a powwow with dancers, drummers and jiggers.

CUPE 500 and the City of Winnipeg’s Aboriginal Employee Group celebrated at City Hall on June 18th. Entertainment included Métis jigging, drums and throat singers.


Ottawa: Activities at Victoria Island including powwow dancers, jiggers and drums. Traditional foods were served.

CUPE members hosted a meet and greet table at the National Aboriginal Day celebrations in Hamilton. All Aboriginal traditions were well respected and entertainment was enjoyable.


The first CUPE Saskatchewan Golf Tournament June 19th raised money support the Métis Back to Batoche annual canoe trip.

They had such a good time doing it, they’re planning to make it an annual event.

One CUPE member from Prince Edward Island was able to participate in activities held in Batoche Saskatchewan.

Also CUPE 3967 handed out Chili, Bannock, Sausages, Rice Pudding Coffee and Juice as well as handed out information, balloons and tattoos. The remaining information and give away’s were then taken to the near by Sakimay First Nations Pow wow. They were amazed that some people had no idea that Indians could be a part of a union!

British Columbia

In Victoria a National Aboriginal Day event was held at Victoria’s Inner Harbour (Ships Point). There was a full day of entertainment which included The Unity Drummers and Singers and a Kids Venue.

For the last three years, the sidewalk chalk art has been a big hit! Kids learnt how to create their own Spirit Stones, come up with their own Aboriginal chalk art and words to record the days events.

In Vancouver there were many different events but CUPE Haropark Local held their own event at their facility. 154 elders from all backgrounds including Aboriginal elders were in attendance.

There was a salmon dinner and events that gave information on our Aboriginal culture and heritage. An elder did a presentation on cedar bark weaving. Drumming and dancing with “mother’s and grandmothers dance society”.


CUPE members hosted at a Calgary Pow wow held on June 19th. Entertainment and traditional foods were plentiful.

Prince Edward Island

In Panmure Island on June 11 there was an event in PEI organized by Native Council including the presentation of Honour Stick by artist Levi Cannon. Also on June 20 in PEI, the Mikmaq Confederacy had an event at Summerside which included music, drumming and traditional food.