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On May 7, CUPE and Hospital Employees Union (HEU) members, volunteers and staff were recognized for communications excellence at the Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM) awards held in Burnaby, British Columbia.

The award-winning work ranged from newsletters and websites produced by local unions to publications at provincial and national levels. The conference and award ceremony are an annual event and draw union and labour activists from across Canada.

CALM is a non-profit organization with a network of approximately 450 members. These union publications and editors provide labour-friendly stories, graphics, and training for labour communicators.

Each year, CALM hosts an annual conference with a variety of workshops on everything from making a better website to writing feature stories and analyzing media successes.

  • Check out calm.ca for more information about how to join CALM.

Staff awards

CUPE - Honourable Mention for Best Website Content for cupe.ca

CUPE won the Best TV Award for best TV commercial for Smile – in support of the B.C. Community Health campaign

CUPE Honourable mention for best cyberunion for the B.C. Community Health campaign site - howcupehelps.org

HEU – Award for Best print ad – “Quality public health care” – Olympics issue of megaphone magazine (distributed on Vancouver’s downtown eastside)

HEU – Award for Best illustration – (staff) – “How government policies are making us sick”

HEU – Muckraking Award  (Honourable Mention) For the initiative to get access to corporate commercial contracts in health care documented in “Information is power. How freedom of information is giving power back to the people.”

HEU – Breaking Barriers Award (Honourable Mention) for “My Life, My Union” ad series done for a series of member profiles in B.C. Ethnic publications.

HEU Excellence in layout and design (Honourable Mention)

CUPE locals

CUPE 3902 – Best illustration by volunteers “Violence and harassment in the workplace” (Eugenia Tsao)

CUPE 3902 - Clifton Scotton Prize for “Tomb of the free, or refuge of the oppressed” Guardian (Rhonda Ward)

CUPE 3902 – Freeperson Award for best cartoon produced by volunteers “Olympics cartoon” (Eugenia Tsao)