CUPE 851 has ratified a 2-year collective agreement with the Town of Swan River in Manitoba, with a wage increase of 1.5% and 2.5% for the years 2018 and 2019. It will now move to Town Council for ratification.

Among the improvements for workers at the Town of Swan River include:

  • a winter clothing allowance for outside workers for winter jackets and coveralls;
  • part-time workers having vacation time;
  • improved bereavement leave for the death of a parent, child or spouse.

In addition, the Union has agreed to a new flex-time agreement allowing a mutually agreeable change in shift times. It is anticipated that this will be used to provide better service to the public.

“We appreciate that the Town remained professional, open to discussion, and bargained in good faith even when bargaining got tough,” said Paul Klein, President of CUPE 851, “this is a fair deal that addresses a lot of concerns on both sides, is fair to our members, and respects the citizens of Swan River. We are proud of the essential work we do for our community.”

CUPE 851 represents 60 inside and outside workers for the town including staff that work in: city hall, billing, the water treatment plant, road repair, snow removal, garbage collection, arena services and the Richardson Recreation & Wellness Centre.

“We spent the time at the table to build a lasting relationship,” said Ric McAlpine, National Representative that has been bargaining with the group. “I want to congratulate the Local and the employer on reaching a mutually beneficial deal.”