The union representing Winnipeg’s municipal workers has been presented with a tentative agreement from the City of Winnipeg following an emergency meeting of the City’s Executive Policy Committee held late Tuesday afternoon. This agreement averts a city-wide strike that was set to take place the next day.

“I extend my deepest thanks to our negotiating team and strike committee for their hard work during a tough round of bargaining, and to all our membership for their steadfast resolve and support,” said Gord Delbridge, President of CUPE 500. “We are not happy with the way the City handled this process, but are relieved that we have a package to review prior to bringing it to our members for their vote.”

The tentative agreement presented will be reviewed by the CUPE 500 bargaining committee for any inconsistencies with what has been agreed on, and then presented to CUPE 500 members in ratification meetings that will be scheduled for the coming weeks. Details will be forthcoming.

The tentative agreement presented puts the planned strike action on pause, pending the acceptance or rejection of the new contract by CUPE 500 members. 

While CUPE 500 correctly understood that a tentative agreement was achieved on Monday evening, a memo distributed to staff by the City’s Chief Administrative Officer on Tuesday morning claimed otherwise, prompting CUPE 500 to push for the Executive Policy Committee’s immediate action.

CUPE 500 will continue to pursue whether this indiscretion constitutes an unfair labour practice.

“It is unfortunate that we had to push until mere hours before our strike was set to begin,” said Delbridge. “Leaving this much uncertainty for workers and the public was unfair, but we are satisfied that the tentative agreement is one we can bring to our members for their vote.”

CUPE 500 represents about 5,000 workers in the City of Winnipeg.