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The Provincial Government announced this afternoon that it will introduce legislation to force an end to our strike. It will take days until the proposed legislation becomes law.
In the mean time, the proposed legislation has no power at all.
Were still on legal strike.
We still seek a negotiated settlement.
We urge the TDSB to return to the bargaining table immediately.
If a settlement were reached tomorrow, the schools could be open as early a Monday.

It is more important than ever that the TDSB return to the bargaining table and join with us to reach a negotiated settlement.
The ill will that would be created by an imposed solution would be very, very costly to the TDSB. A poisoned work environment would be terrible for all of us.

The union has moved on wages and is ready to settle. Now is the time for settlement. Our strike is strong. Our cause is just. We remain committed to a fair, negotiated settlement.
The intervention of the Provincial Government is a violation of the rights of CUPE 4400 members and is a disservice to the entire TDSB school community.

Message to the Premier:
I am saddened to hear that you have broken your word and introduced legislation to force an end to our legal strike.
Yesterday you declared that a local solution is the best outcome, today you announce an imposed solution.
This represents a violation of our rights and an attack on free collective bargaining in this province.

Message to Trustees:
An imposed solution is not in the best interests of anyone in the school community.
Students, parents, teachers and CUPE members deserve a real resolution of the dispute a negotiated settlement is the only way to achieve this.
Our legal strike continues and we continue to focus on a negotiated resolution.
Earlier today we issued an open letter to School Trustees outlining a revised union position. We have proposed a compromise on wages and more flexibility on job security – as long as our members are protected.

Trustees are meeting this evening. They can take no action - and thereby join the Premier in this horrible undertaking. Or they can take action that is respectful of CUPE members and respectful of our school communities - and give their negotiating team the flexibility to reach a fair negotiated settlement.

We have called the TDSB and let them know that well be at the bargaining table tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. We call on them to come back to the bargaining table.
Theres still time to reach a deal. If we get down to serious negotiations tomorrow, we can reach an agreement.
If a deal is reached tomorrow, we can all be back in school on Monday, getting back to providing quality education.
I strongly believe that a legislated solution imposed by the government would destroy the good will of our members, and destroy the morale in our schools.
Trustees are meeting tonight they still have the opportunity to settle. Lets not waste this opportunity.

Rally today
Our members and supporters will rally outside the Boards Administration Centre today beginning at 5:00 p.m.
I urge trustees to listen to us. Listen to the parents and the students who want to go back to school.
Listen to our members who want to go back to work with dignity.
We need to get life in our schools back to normal. This can only be accomplished with a negotiated settlement.
Then we can work together to fight the provincial government to demand adequate funding for Education. We need to end the long term funding crisis in our schools. We can only be successful in that fight if we work together Parents, Students, Staff, Administrators and Trustees.

Well be at the table tomorrow, and well be making every effort to reach a settlement.


For further information, please contact:
Maggie Davidson 416-597-3957