Workers with the Town of Westmount, who are members of CUPE 301, began a 48-hour strike, which will end on February 9. Negotiations have stalled over work schedules and wages.

The wage offers made by the Town of Westmount are unacceptable. The town has told us that their finances are in good shape. Times are very tough. Inflation has reached historic highs, and interest rates are crippling our members. The Town must do their part to prevent our members from sliding deeper into poverty,” says Luc Bisson, President of CUPE 301.

Last November, members approved a mandate calling for pressure tactics up to and including a strike. The parties at the bargaining table have begun conciliation and the union is concerned about the slow pace of negotiations.

“We hope that this strike will prompt the mayor of Westmount to provide the jolt needed to conclude negotiations. Citizens of Westmount must realize that if these workers are not paid a decent wage, services will suffer,” added Bisson.

Their collective agreement expired on December 31, 2019.