Now in their 21st month of the lockout, Port of Quebec longshore workers have had enough! For the employer, it is as if nothing happened since replacement workers have been filling in, thereby allowing activities to take place.

Some 300 longshore workers and their allies greeted cruise passengers at the port this morning. They intend to take advantage of the upcoming summer season to impress upon visitors and users of the port that the conflict under way is having a very harmful effect on workers and their families.

“Only the longshore workers have borne the brunt of this conflict since it started. The lack of anti-scab legislation has clearly had a harmful effect and has allowed this conflict to drag on,” said Frédéric Brisson, the General Secretary of CUPE Quebec.

The families of these 81 employees have weathered one of the longest labour conflicts in recent memory in Quebec. Financial and psychological distress is running high, and no elected officials at any level in the Quebec City region  seem to give a whit.

As a result, demonstrators picked this nice sunny day at the beginning of summer to welcome passengers of the Volendam who were stopping over in Quebec City for a visit, which another 130 ships will do this summer.

“This conflict is getting longer, and it’s unacceptable. We’ll find creative ways of drawing people’s attention to this conflict to prompt the employer to negotiate in good faith,” added Brisson.