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Over the past few years, corporate sponsorship of Pride Day has increased dramatically. We need to take stock of this reality to assess if the sponsorship is actually benefiting the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered Communities. As workers, as individuals and as citizens we have developed this Code of Conduct as a starting point to measure corporate responsibility to our community. The Code of Conduct provides standards for sponsorship of Pride Day. Companies that do not live up to this standard should not be included as sponsors of our events!

1. Lesbian & Gay Rights at Work

Does the company have an anti-discrimination policy which includes sexual orientation?

Does the company have an anti-harassment policy, which includes sexual orientation?

Does the company provide training on these policies?

2. Rights of Workers

Are workers in the company unionized?

Do workers received a fair and living wage?

Does the company follow basic workplace law, i.e. employment or labour standards, human rights, health & safety?

Does the company sponsor, use or endorse the use of workfare recipients?

3. Access and Equity

Does the company have an employment equity plan and hiring policy?

Does the company advertise job opportunities in the lesbian & gay communities and press?

4. Same-Sex Benefits

Does the company have a same-sex benefits plan including medical, dental, adoption assistance, child care benefits, relocation benefits, family/personal sick leave for partner care, bereavement leave, pension plan - in short, equality of benefits?

5. Social Equity

Does the company contribute a substantial part of its revenue to non-profit and/or advocacy organizations supporting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered communities such as AIDS organizations, social housing and community health clinics?

6. Pride Day Booth Sponsorship (Co-sponsorship with Community Groups)

Is the company willing to donate a portion of money raised on Pride Day to the group that they co-sponsor?

Is the company willing to have its sponsorship advertisement smaller than advertisement for the community group it co-sponsors?

CW 7

(An earlier version of this Code was developed by the Workers Organizing Rainbow Coalition of Toronto)


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