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Resolution No. 112
Submitted by the National Executive Board
Committee recommendation:  Covers resolution 113
Convention decision:  Adopted


1. Develop and Iaunch a campaign for fair taxes at the federal, provincial and local government level, including research, education for members, lobbying and public communications material, focusing on the problems of eroding tax fairness, regressive tax loopholes and the potential for progressive tax reforms to provide increased funding for public services;

2. Work with and provide support to allies on this issue, including the progressive advocacy organization, Canadians for Tax Fairness.


  • Canada’s tax system has become increasingly regressive with corporate tax cuts, reductions in income taxes-for the rich, an expansion of tax loopholes and increasing reliance on regressive consumption taxes, property taxes and user fees; and
  • Sufficient taxation revenues are necessary to pay for quality public services that benefit all Canadians; and
  • After building up deficits following the financial crisis, some Canadian governments are now cutting public services while further cutting corporate’ taxes; and
  • Business funded lobby groups such as the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Fraser Institute and CD-Howe Institute continue to advocate for regressive taxes; progressive alternatives advocating for a fairer tax system for lower income and working Canadians need to be supported.