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The objectives of the meeting of the E7 unions were:

  • To ensure that E7 companies take the appropriate actions within the scope of the durable development of electric power and, considering that electric power is an essential asset, assure them of our participation.

  • To ensure that the actions of E7 companies respect the public and the workers in the countries they develop.

  • To ensure that the E7 companies are more open in transmitting information.

  • To establish more formal and frequent discussions between the E7 unions and the E7, with a view to acting together in regard to the durable development of electric power.

  • To ensure that the E7 companies regularly provide the E7 unions with information on their activities.

  • To take steps to have the E7 companies consider providing the unions with the economic means to allow them to follow the work of the E7.

  • To create a union forum composed of the unions of the E7 companies.

  • To provide for meetings of the union forum in the same location, at the same time and according to the same schedule as the meetings of the E7.

  • Using the CUPE Web site, to establish an E7 section where each party can offer a contribution.

  • To plan the next meeting which will be held in Italy in 2001.

  • To hold a meeting with the directors of the E7 on Thursday in order to present them with our position.