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We work day and night to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the people in our care.

Our jobs are not easy — we administer medications and treatments, and may be exposed to violence and extreme behaviours.

We deserve fair compensation and a pension plan that will allow us to plan for the future.

We need language in our contract that ensures we remain safe at work. So that we can go home and care for our own families.

We love what we do, but some of us have had to make the tough decision to seek employment elsewhere, because our current wages are simply not enough to live on.

Staffing shortages make the work more stressful and compromise the quality of care we can give to our residents.

If government doesn’t start to recognize the seriousness of these issues, things will only get worse.

Please show your support by sending a letter to your MLA and to Minister of Community Services Trevor Boudreau.

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