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Why we must communicate


Each day CUPE members face new challenges on the job. The right-wing agenda to downsize, contract out and privatize is restructuring workplaces and eroding vital public services. Yet studies show the public supports better services, not the latest political whim.


CUPE members know from experience how important our work is to the people who use our services. We know better than any politician or reporter the human consequences of downsizing, cutbacks and other backsliding policies. That’s why it’s important to voice our concerns and speak up for quality public services and jobs. We know public services best – and should always remember that our front-line experience makes us experts.


Communicating what we know can and does make a difference. Communicating with CUPE members and the public is an essential part of our work as advocates for fair treatment and change that benefits everyone.



Members feel connected


In the local, good communication is the glue that connects members to one another. With it, members feel the union belongs to them. The newsletter gets read, the 1-800 number gets used, and the e-mail message brings an answer to a question. When members feel part of a local, they become activists and that makes the local stronger.



Our work becomes visible


In our communities, good communication makes our work visible. When we join forces with our friends and neighbours in coalitions and local committees, we show the media that we are real people. The public consistently shows support for the public employees it sees. By being visible in our community and letting people know what’s really going on in our workplace, we’re building support for ourselves and our public services. Whether working as a local or in coalition, we are seen as legitimate voices making an important contribution to public debate.

Communicating with CUPE members and the public is an essential part of building and maintaining support for our public services and jobs.


Remember, help is just an e-mail away at comm@cupe.ca.


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