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  • Have a child in your family or community colour in our black-and-white rainbow March 21st poster.
  • Use the colouring project as an opportunity to speak with a young person about how racism hurts all of us. Talk with them about CUPEs commitment to equality and how our members are challenging racism in the workplace.
  • Some children may want to share their Rainbow poster by taking it to school. Parents may want to make their childs teacher aware of March 21st and pass along some CUPE anti-racism materials for use with students in class.
  • On or before March 21st, display your childs Colour in CUPE Rainbow poster in a prominent place in your workplace. Use the opportunity to talk with others about how CUPE members are working to eliminate discriminatory practices and attitudes in our workplaces and communities.

  • Anti-racism committees may want to organize colour-ins in their workplaces. Or, locals could arrange a worksite or public community display of childrens coloured Rainbow posters to recognize the day and CUPEs commitment to fight racism and discrimination.

Colour in CUPE