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Toronto—Collingwood area residents opposed to the deregulation and privatization of electricity are gearing up to short circuit the Tory government plan to bring competition to the hydro sector. They will be attending a public forum detailing the hazards of electricity reform in Collingwood tomorrow, Wednesday, February 27 at 7 p.m. (to 9 p.m.) at the Leisure Time Club, 100 Minnesota St.

The public forum is organized by local members of the Ontario Electricity Coalition (OEC), a province-wide grassroots group opposed to electricity deregulation and privatization. The OEC is now travelling the province and holding forums and detailing the facts about electricity reform.

What we’re doing is telling the real story and debunking the Ontario government’s $2.3 million in advertising spin selling electricity competition as a good for consumers. The reality is that regardless of where deregulation and privatization of electricity has been implemented, the competitive market experiment for hydro has meant higher rates and unreliable service.

In the United States where deregulation has proved a huge economic blunder, 22 states are now re-regulating the industry,” says Paul Kahnert with the coalition.

Despite the dismal experiences of other jurisdictions, the Ontario Tory government plans to forge ahead with opening the electricity market to competition and the outright sell-off of Hydro One. Energy Minister and the MPP for the Collingwood area, Jim Wilson, is touring the province pitching his government’s plan for electricity. And despite the collapse of Enron, the giant of deregulation in the United States, Wilson still maintains that a deregulated market for electricity will good for Ontarians.

In fact, Wilson and the Tories even got advice from Enron here in Canada. How reassuring is it that the same company that promoted the deregulation in California that brought soaring rates, widespread brownouts, and cost the economy billions is giving tips to our government?” asks Kahnert.


For more information please contact:
Paul Kahnert, Ontario Electricity Coalition
(416) 407-0077
Adrienne Corti, Council of Canadians
(519) 599-6170